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The Klamath River is the "undiscovered" gem of California river rafting. The Klamath has two distinct differences from the heavily rafted Sierra rivers. The first is the water temperature. The Sierra rivers are relatively short and are close to the snow so they have very cold water even in the middle of the summer.

The Klamath is a warm river because it is so much longer. By the time the water reaches the Happy Camp area the water is approximately 70 degrees.

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The other major difference is the amount of people on the river. The Sierra rivers are within 2 to 3 hours of the San Francisco Bay area with their millions of people and many many people go for just the day.

The mid Klamath River is much farther away (5-6 hours) and the distance keeps all but the most dedicated vacationers off the river.

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On our trips, we raft the remote Cade Mountain Canyon just upriver from our lodge where much of the canyon has no road access. This remoteness keeps virtually all people out of the area giving you a rafting trip through this remote region where you most likely will not see any other people - just the best opportunity to see bears, deer, otters, eagles, osprey...

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We offer Klamath River Rafting trips that begin or end at our riverfront lodge. This means that your vehicle will stay safely parked at our lodge while you are on the river. (Other rafting companies may ask you to hand over your keys and some unknown "local" will move it for you - and it may sit by the side of the river for a few days)

We only offer day trips so each day you will have the best food, comfortable beds, hot showers, and all the comforts of civilization...

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With us you will not lack the "wilderness experience" as our lodge is right on the river with a private beach and each night we host several camp fires that all our guests may enjoy.

Every night the lodge also hosts for our rafting guests an informal talk on the beautiful night sky and complementary use of our telescope. Focus of the talk is the history of star gazing and how the starts and constellations came to be named by our ancestors. Since we are in the middle of the wilderness, we have little to no light pollution and no place in California has a better sky including a brilliant milky way.

Overnight guests are also welcome to pitch a tent. Often mom and dad are not interested in sleeping outside but allow their older children to sleep out on the lawns overlooking the river. And in the morning everyone gets a hot shower - and a real flush toilet in your guest room - not a bucket on the other side of a large boulder.

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Our lodge based trips are also very economical. Because overnight trips require more guides to pack all the tents, sleeping bags, food, kitchens, etc - not to mention the portable toilets that all have to be carried (full) in the boats - It's cheaper to spend three nights in our lodge and take both our rafting trips then to take a muti day camping / rafting trip.

We only raft the Klamath River. Unlike most other rafting companies that drive all over the West in big gas guzzling vans, we stay close to home and actually live on the Kamath River. And because the lodge is right on the river and at a perfect spot, we only shuttle one time per trip. That allows us to make at least 50% less impact on the environment then all other rafting companies.

Many ask why we do not serve food on our trips. There are several major reasons. All of our lodge rooms have the option to connect to a full kitchen so guests can easily prepare snacks and lunch and save a lot of money. Because guests make exactly what they want, there is no food waste. I've been on trips with many other rafting companies and in order try to meet everyones food expectations, there is always lots of food waste. We do not like that. We are also aware of the dangers of food allergies. Because we are so far out in the wilderness we always choose caution - especially in what we put into our bodies.

We offer trips on two different stretches of the river. The up-river trip (Seattle Creek to the resort) is easy class 1 through the remote Cade Mountain Canyon - this section is considered the most scenic of the entire river system. Because it is so remote, with so few people, this section offers the best wildlife viewing.

The down-river trip (Resort to Wingate Bar) offers 4 big thrilling class 3 rapids, many class 2 and 1 rapids along with beautiful scenery, canyons, an abundant wildlife.

We recommend staying at least three nights at the lodge and taking both rafting trips. Take the up-river trip first and then the following day or later take the down-river trip.

There are several other activities the family will enjoy to make a longer vacation stay. Consider:

- a day swimming and gold panning on the crystal clear creeks in the area (Indian Creek, Elk Creek, Clear Creek.)

- Hiking the trails of the Klamath National Forest and Marble Mountain Wilderness.

- Visit the Oregon Caves National Monument

- Visit the wineries of Southern Oregon

- Visit the local Museums: Karuk People Center and Bigfoot Museum of Willow Creek.

- Rent our kayaks for self guided trips on the river

- Pick blackberries along the river and then bake pies in one of our kitchens

- Look for neat rocks in the area including Happy Camp Jade, Gold, Silver, Copper...

QUESTIONS: raft@klamathriverresortinn.com
or call toll free 855-RaftInn (855-723-8466)



Trip 1 - Seattle Creek to Resort FULL DAY (Class 1) (Our most popular trip!!)

Meet at 10 am at lodge office to outfit equipment, drybags, safety talk, and sign participation agreements. We will shuttle you in our vehicles over Cade Mountain for a river trip back to the lodge lasting approx 7 hours. KRRI will provide a large ice chest to store your lunches and beverages. We will stop often for swimming, photos, gold panning, etc and for lunch at a great beach. Arrive back at KRRI's beach at approximately 5PM. (min age is 4 and no one needs to paddle unless they want to as guide will have large oars - everyone will get a chance to try the oars if they like)

Lodge Guest Discount Price $100 (includes all taxes, shuttle, and US Forest Service fees)

Regular Price $120 ( not staying in Lodge)

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Trip 2 - Resort to Wingate (Class 3) FULL DAY (Paddling Required )

Meet at 11 am at lodge office to outfit equipment, drybags, safety talk, and sign participation agreements. We will begin the trip at KRRI's private beach on the river. The trip begins with lots of slower scenic water to practice paddling as we pass the Happy Camp river park and under the large bridge in Happy Camp. After Happy Camp the rapids start to become larger and more frequent as the river starts to lose elevation. We'll stop at several great locations including the confluence of Elk Creek. We will have many opportunities for swimming and also a special rapid that we can even swim through. After lunch we will begin the second half of the trip with the first big class 3 rapid - Rattlesnake. Then will we hit 3 more class three rapids named Devils Toenail, Funnel, and Trench intermixed with smaller class rapids. (Min age 8 - everyone needs to help paddle on this trip as guide will only have a paddle - not oars.)

We will end our trip far downriver at Wingate Bar. KRRI will shuttle all participants in our vehicles back to the lodge.

KRRI will provide a large ice chest to store your lunches and beverages. Arrive back at KRRI at approximately 4-5PM.

Lodge Guest Discount Price $100 (includes all taxes, shuttle, and US Forest Service fees)

Regular Price $120

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Trip 3 - Evening Float (class 1 )

Meet at 5:00 PM at lodge office to outfit and shuttle upriver into the heart of the Cade Mountain Canyon. The guide will do all rowing so you can relax and watch for wildlife as they are more active on the banks of the river during evening. Consider bringing a snack and beverage. Don't forget a camera and binoculars. We will try to avoid all the small rapids on this trip although you may still get some spray - consider a windbreaker or water repellent jacket.)

We will return to the private beach at the lodge around 8PM - just in time to enjoy a night at one of our campfires on the beach.

Lodge Guest Discount Price $50 (includes all taxes, shuttle, and US Forest Service fees)

Regular Price $60


Reserve trip by March 31 and receive 10% off rafting trip.

Prepay entire trip by March 31 and receive extra 10% off rooms. That is total 20% Off!!

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Reserve your rooms and rafting trip online using our "Book Online Now" button at the top of the webpage. You'll choose the dates of your stay and email us after the dates you would like the rafting trips. We will also follow up very quickly with an email or call to confirm all the rafting details - if rooms are available assume that rafting trips are available. We will confirm very quickly. For questions email or call toll free 855-RaftInn (855-723-8466)

For rafting only reservations, Pease email reservation requests to info@klamathriverresortinn.com

I am sorry that our online reservation system is not "state of the art." It has many limitations. So if you are reserving a large family and wanting several rooms if you input say 7 adults, the only unit that it will show available is a crew trailer. So it is best to imput say 2 adults for the first room and reserve that unit so we have all your information and dates. There are several questions asked during that reservation process that you can tell us exactly how many rooms you would like and how many are going rafting - also what dates you would like the rafting trips during your stay. Upon receipt of room and rafting package reservations I will contact you by email or phone to confirm all details - add rooms, rafting trips etc. It is only after I contact you to confirm all details that we will apply any due deposits.

$100 deposit due at time of rafting reservation and first night of the room. Remaining due at time of arrival. Advance payments may be made by check or paypal.

Evening Float Trip (2-3 hours ) offered Tuesday through Sunday)

All rafting and kayak rentals are closed on Mondays - except by special reservation.

Summer rafting begins May 23th - Rafting ends September 21st. (2014)

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QUESTIONS: raft@klamathriverresortinn.com
or call toll free 855-RaftInn (855-723-8466)




Sunscreen - lots of sunscreen!

Hat, sunglasses with leash

Long sleeve shirt to put on in case you are more sensitive to sun then you thought

Water (2 ltrs recommended per person)

Lunch & Snacks (we provide ice chest)

Cameras and cell phones are great - we provide a few dry bags for every trip but can not give each person their own bag. We highly recommend that you bring a waterproof case especially made for a cell phone or camera - with a water proof case you have quick access to you camera. Even better - Invest in a waterproof camera.


All lodge guides are trained in CPR, First Aid, and most have attended professional guide school or been trained one on one with trainers.

*Our guided rafting and shuttling operate under a permit issued by the Klamath National Forest. KRRI is an equal opportunity service provider.

QUESTIONS: raft@klamathriverresortinn.com
or call toll free 855-RaftInn (855-723-8466)




Summer high season require at least the first night of any room only reservation paid in advance.

Our Rafting trips require an initial deposit of $100 and first night of the rooms. The remaining is due on the day of arrival. We will email you an invoice after reservations are made and you can pay online or send us a check (time permitting.)

Our cancellation policy during the summer rafting season is as follows for rafting trips:

Before May 23 receive refund less $10 fee. After May 23, receive 80% inseason credit as long as 7 days before trip. Inside 7 days, no refund or credit is available.

Trip 1 (class 1) min age is 4. Trip 2 (class 3) must be at least 8 years old, know how to swim, and capable of a self rescue (ability to get to shore unassisted and climb up a steep riverbank )


**Pets are not allowed on our rafting and kayak trips. In addition, fishing poles and tackle are also not allowed (under state law, everyone in the boat including the guide would be required to have a fishing license.)



Klamath River Resort Inn has a no smoking policy in our rooms

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